Faqs For Recorders

Faqs For Recorders

Learn about eRecording, Document Security and More in FAQs for Recorders

What does ePN do?

ePN is the secure eRecording conduit between the submitter (title company, closing agents, bank, attorney, etc.) and the government entity (you). You execute a contract with us to deliver documents to you. We execute contracts with the submitters outlining the requirements to electronically record. There is always an electronic record for each document submitted.

What is eRecording?

eRecording is the process of electronically delivering documents from the submitter to you.

What are the advantages?

  1. Documents are easily trackable.
  2. Reduced rejections due to fees.
  3. Rejections can be handled the same day.
  4. Back indexing, outstanding projects, sick and vacation coverage may be more manageable.

There are many reasons we are happy to discuss with you.

Is the process secure?

Yes! The ePN system requires login credentials when submitters are sending documents electronically. Additionally, documents are not sent unless a contract is in place. An electronic traceable trail is created when documents are submitted electronically. Documents sent through the mail are less secure.

How secure is the transmission?

ePN uses encryption security to transmit all documents and payments.

How does the process work?

After closing, the submitter scans and submits the document via our secure web-based system. We route the document to you. The document is reviewed and accepted for processing, then receives all recording marks.

What about rejections?

This is a normal process. You reject the document in your existing software system or through ePN’s custom interface. The document is electronically returned to the submitter with your rejection reasons. The submitter corrects the document and resubmits. eRecording significantly reduces turnaround time.

Do we have to mail a physical document back to the submitter?

No, documents submitted electronically are returned electronically.

How do we get paid?

ePN assumes responsibility for all fees and charges. We reconcile with you daily. ePN typically uses a nightly ACH payment process but can use other methods.

What models of documents can you transmit?

ePN follows PRIA guidelines with regards to models. For a more in-depth review of the different models and their definitions, please refer to the PRIA website. www.pria.us

Why have multiple eRecording vendors?

Each eRecording vendor has their own customer base and can drive different submitters to you, increasing your number of eRecorded documents. We recommend having all approved eRecording vendors to achieve your eRecording goals.

How long does the start up process take?

Please visit with a member of our team to discuss the start up process. We have integrations with most national Land Record Management Systems (LRMS).

How do we get started?

Please contact our sales staff at 888-325-3365 or email us at sales@goepn.com to get started – Today!

RECAP: eRecording Benefits

  1. Streamline your workflow process
  2. Increase staff productivity
  3. Speed (delivery & return)
  4. Lower Costs (office expense, i.e. envelopes/postage)
  5. Faster rejection solution (same day turnaround)
  6. Secure money transactions (no more bad checks)