Company Overview

Company Overview

eRecording Partners Network: Today’s Document Recording Innovators

ePN was created in 2008 to improve the connection between submitters and counties across the nation. Since that time, we have continued to innovate and improve. By understanding the industry’s consistent pain points and developing one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing networks, we have become a leading national electronic recording vendor.

Our ceaseless focus on the document recording industry means that we are always going one step further to expedite the document recording process for our customers.

Understanding the high stakes of compliance, we began providing automated actual recording fee reconciliation for submitters. Recognizing that some county recorder offices were being hampered by homegrown, outdated systems, we developed workflow applications to improve their electronic recording capabilities and expand their submitter base.

ePN is a proud member of the Old Republic Title Tech family of technology companies. Along with our sister companies E-Closing, Pavaso and SMKT, we’re working to provide innovative, leading-edge real estate technology, tools and solutions for our title agents and customers.

The question is: What can ePN do for you?