Solutions for Recorders

Solutions for Recorders

ePN offers a variety of eRecording services designed to meet the specific needs of recording jurisdictions.

Traditional eRecording Delivery Services
If your land records systems can accept eRecording submissions, ePN can connect.  We have integrated with a large number of land records vendors to date but we are always looking for new partners.

Vendor Neutral Gateway Services
ePN currently serves as the gateway to hundreds of counties across the country.  In this capacity, we accept and deliver electronic transactions from all the qualified eRecording vendors.  This service allows the land records vendor to focus their resources on the recording of documents and ePN handles the connections, communications and processing of the document delivery for all transactions.

Document Routing Services
ePN offers the only document routing solution currently processing transactions for all the major eRecording vendors.  This service allows counties to route documents to various departments within the county prior to receiving the document for recording.  These departments could be the Auditor, mapping, GIS, tax or other departments that need to review and approve certain real estate documents before they are accepted for recording.  The ePN Doc Router solution allows counties to accept documents from all eRecording vendors and route them appropriately using a single web-based interface.

Stand Alone eRecording Service
Our Doc Record solution allows a county to get started eRecording immediately with no changes to your current recording environment.  This service uses a manual exchange of data with your current recording system but can be implemented at no cost to the county.

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