July 26, 2021

ePN Welcomes Kimberly LeGate

July 23, 2021 – Minneapolis, MN – eRecording Partners Network (ePN) is pleased to announce and welcome Kimberly LeGate as the County Sales Executive for ePN.  As County Sales Executive, Kim will develop and establish connections with counties across the country to join the ePN network.  Additionally, Kim will manage and maintain existing relationships with jurisdictions already connected to ePN.


Kim is a former recording and records management professional with a thorough understanding of the property records industry.  She worked with the Davidson County Register of Deeds in Nashville, TN, for 33 years.  Serving as the Chief Deputy of Operations, Kim trained personnel in all areas of the office including recording, indexing, eRecording and public access. As an advocate for eRecording, Kim helped implement electronic recording in the Davidson County Register’s office as well as educate other counties throughout the state.


In October 2018, Kim joined US Imagining as a Customer Service Manager.  She worked with counties of 50,000 or less in population for the Southern U.S. to help preserve and digitize historical land records. With her vast knowledge of indexing guidelines and processes, Kim also assisted in training employees based on specific county indexing requirements.


In 2005, Kim became a member of the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA). PRIA is a national organization that promotes standards and best practices for the land records industry.  Serving on the Board of Directors for 4 years, she actively continues to participate in several committees such as the Planning Committee, Communications Committee and the Restrictive Covenants Drafting Committee.  Kim has also been a member of the International Association of Government Officials (iGO) for 4 years.


“Kim brings a unique understanding of County Recording along with 35 years of experience, and we are extremely pleased to have her join the ePN Team,” expresses Jerry Lewallen, ePN President.


On a personal note, Kim lives in Nashville, TN with her husband.  She has 3 children and 3 loving grandsons.  She was a youth basketball coach and director for many years and loves sports, especially football.  In her spare time, she loves watching her grandsons play ball and crafting.


eRecording Partners Network is one of the fastest growing national eRecording vendors.  ePN is focused exclusively on document recording and providing the most efficient and cost effective solutions for

the industry.


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